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When it comes to function hair sprays are all the same. They are meant to hold the hair in a specific style or shape by using polmyers that keep the hair into place. Hair sprays will vary from a light hold that keeps the hair feeling soft and up to strong hold that will keep the hair wind proof.

Are you using your hair spray properly? Many of us just lacquer and go, but there’s an art to misting. Understanding when to use a light or strong hold can make a world of difference in the style and health of your strands. Since it’s vital to grasp the basics, here is the scoop:


The terms aerosol and non-aerosol refer to the delivery systems of the hairspray. An aerosol is a suspension of fine particles (solid or liquid) in a gas. As it regards hairspray, an aerosol is packaged in a container under pressure and a release valve is used to emit the pressurized suspension into the air in a mist propelled by a gas.

A Non-aerosol hairspray is packaged as a liquid, the bottle with a pump-sprayer. The pump sprayer uses springs, valves and tubes to mix the liquid with small amount of air and emits the liquid as small droplets propelled in short bursts.

When it comes to styling, I  mainly use aerosol sprays because I can get more control and better coverage.

Non aerosols can be a bit more sticky and a little bit more challenging to use. How ever they do still serve a purpose: They are helpful to use when curling your hair.  Lightly spray each section, allow a few seconds to dry and then curl the hair as preferred. When doing this method you must ALWAYS make sure that the spray has a heat protectant ingredient it.

Non aersol sprays are also great to use when I have completed curling and pinning the hair (creating a set.) The liquid penetrates deeper into the pinned curl. So it gives a better hold all over.

The secret to getting the non aersol hair spray to work best for you is to make sure that is completely dry before touching the hair.


The lightest amount of hold, working hair spray is buildable and non-sticky. It’s great for running through strands as you create an updo or soft, touchable waves.

Used to thicken, volumize, or add texture, styling hair spray has a medium-level hold, and often features a heat-protecting ingredient. Styling hair sprays works great with updos and gives hold to curls.

The strongest hold, finishing hair spray. This should only be spritzed after you’re done styling and want to keep everything in place.

Light hairspray prevents flyaways after a blowout and won’t weigh down fine strands, but you need medium-hold if you’re trying to tame thicker, heavier hair or create lose waves or a soft bun. Strong and extra-strong hair sprays are for hair you don’t want to move at all, such as wedding updos, sleek ponytails, and french twists.

The most common mistake when applying hair spray is spritzing too closely. You  should hold the nozzle at least 12 to 14 inches away from your head.  Keep a steady stream while misting for overall hold. You want to create an even mist—don’t use it like bug spray!

Over-application. Using too much will create an unattractive helmet effect. If left in too long, the spray can be difficult to remove and your locks will dry out due to the high alcohol content.
When you want to keep curls tight, use a medium-hold hair spray after you’ve finished with the iron. Never spray product on your hair while it is on the iron. The alcohol and heat will fry your hair—It’s one of the worst things you can do!”

To prevent frizz and flyaways, spritz hair spray onto the top of the head and gently use the hair spray bottle to smooth down the hair. Our hands naturally have oils in them, so sometimes when we run our hands throughour hair we actually create more frizz.


Redken Fashion Work: This a light hold aerosol spray it’s very versatile for working and shaping styles.

Redken Pure Force: This is a non aerosol medium hold styling spray that is great for creating a set and adds shine.

Redken Spray Starch: This a a non aerosol medium hold styling spray. It has Redken’s exclusive Bonding System that transports potato starch extract to help protect against heat and cuticle loss. It mimics the pattern of heat appliances by “starching in” long-lasting memory.

Osis Freeze: This is an aerosol strong hold finishing hair spray. Provides lasting lift, maximum control and shape memory. And is NOT sticky.