You might skip over this post,thinking this is too basic for you and you are far more advanced in your hair care, but you may be making simple mistakes.

Like riding a bike, most of us couldn’t explain how to start or stop.  It’s easy to forget the correct way to do something when you are so used to it and have developed bad habits.
Everyone’s hair is different but here are a few tips to take better care of our tresses.
1.Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely. Do you have colored hair?, dry hair?, damaged hair?, curly hair?, Are you a swimmer?, Do you have buildup on your scalp? There can be a lot to think about when picking a shampoo or conditioner. There are products made for every hair type.
2. Don’t over wash your hair.  Most people don’t need to wash their hair everyday. If you do, it could be that you are using the wrong products for your hair and scalp type.  But I know that there are some of you who wash your hair everyday because you feel like it gets too oily. Our body works by supply and demand so if you wash your hair everyday then the body immediately starts producing more oil. (Don’t believe me? Give it a try for the next few weeks. Let me know how it goes.)
3. Only apply shampoo to your scalp and massage gently for at least thirty seconds.Don’t pile your hair on top and scrub it, as this will only create knots.  Work the shampoo gently down to the ends of your hair and rinse throughly.
4. Forget about lather, rinse and repeat.  It’s just a brilliant marketing idea to make you use more shampoo.  You really only need to shampoo once. But you really like the “clean” feeling when you wash your hair twice, right? If you use a lot of silicone or wax products try washing the hair with a clarifying shampoo once or twice a month instead of your regular shampoo.
5. Curly-haired girls, you may want to skip shampooing sometimes.  Sounds strange but curly hair is often very dry and washing it with a conditioner  alone may refreshen it without drying it out.
6. Ever have an itchy scalp after washing your hair? Stop applying conditioner to your roots. Start at mid-lengths and really condition the ends.  This is the oldest part of your hair and really needs all the love it can get.
7. Rinse your hair in cold water.  I know that this doesn’t  sound pleasant at all. But the cooler water does a lot of good for your hair. It helps seal the cuticle of the hair closed. Which will help seal in moisture and color molecules in the hair. Just remember it hurts to be beautiful! 🙂
8. Never brush your hair when it’s wet.  The hair is most fragile when it’s wet and brush is way too abrasive on it.  You should always add a little leave-in conditioner to the hair. (which helps as a detangler.) and gently comb the hair from the ends to the scalp.  I can’t stress that enough!
9. Ease off with the towel drying.  Don’t rub your hair with a towel, you’ll only frizz and could also cause damage.  Instead gently squeeze or scrunch out the excess water into the towel.
10. Treatments-  Deep conditioners are essential.  I would recommend using one on your hair at least once a week. Sleeping with it over night in your hair is ideal.  Jump in the shower at night shampoo it, when you get out towel dry 50% of the moisture out and apply deep conditioner and in the morning just rinse the product out and style like you normally do